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One stop solution at your service

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One stop solution at your service

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If you purchase a CooCo product, we guarantee you absolute satisfaction, not only the reliable quality, but also after sales service.

Full series of warranty terms will not only guarantee our reputation, but also your benefit.

√ 5-7 Years warranty

√ Spare Parts

√ Lighting Technique Instruction

√ Project Continually Tracking

Guarantee to Eliminate Your Worries
Guarantee to Eliminate Your Worries

Warranty Terms

To protect both of our benefit and long term business relationship, CooCo proposes complete warranty terms.

The “Warranty Period” will begin at the date of original product purchase form either CooCo or an authorized CooCo Distributor.

Your special requests can be negotiated.

CooCo takes liabilities hereby below under the limited warranty:

a. Free spare parts.

COOCO provides 1‰ free spare parts  for each order of linear system which is more than 1000 pieces and 2‰ spare parts for each order of led tube which is more than 3000 pieces. Product defective rate is specified to be 1‰ for linear system and 2‰ for led tube, within the warranty period, COOCO bears shipping cost back and forth one time for replacing the defective item(s) with defective rates exceeding 1‰ for linear system and 2‰ for led tube one time for each order.

In the case of the order that is less than 1000 pieces for linear system and 3000pcs for led tube, COOCO will not provide spare parts and replace the fresh goods in the next order or repay the equivalent amount.

b. Free replacement when deficiencies happened

Within the warranty period, CooCo provides free charge service for repair, for those items are unable to be repaired, CooCo takes liability to supply fresh goods for replacement at no extra cost for each order, CooCo only bears the round - trip freight at one time.

c. CooCo would like to offer free technical support during the warranty. 

d. CooCo will repair or replace product covered under this warranty with components at CooCo’s election or discretion.

e. In case the model of the defective item(s) is obsolete, CooCo take liabilities to replace the item(s) by similar grade ones at no cost.

When and how to carry out warranty?

This Warranty is further conditioned on the purchaser contacting CooCo during the warranty period between normal business hours to review the issue and initiate the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process.This must be done prior to the return of any defective product. Only CooCo manufactured products may be returned through the CooCo RMA process. Not defective or CooCo’s products will be returned to purchaser. The CooCo RMA form must be legible and completed in detail prior to approval for return.

1.  When to carry out warranty?

Failure of function caused by product defects. For example:

a,  Products work flickering

b. Broken chips and driver, wires welding failure.

2.  How to carry out warranty?

Verification of defective goods: Buyer is responsible to provide evidence such as clear pictures or videos to show the existence of related defects. The procedure of aftersales service is as below: 

a. Fulfill aftersales chart. customer is required to fulfill the aftersales sheet to describe problems for our record.

b. Pictures or Video showing. Customers is required to offer the evidence of the problem such as video or pictures for our record.

c. Evaluation. We will check the reason of the problem and damage. If it is occurred by our quality within the warranty period, CooCo will make the procedure of warranty according to above no.2.

e. Sending damages. If we can not check out the reason of problem and damage by the picture and video, customer is required to send the damaged parts to our office for our  further detailed checking whether it needs to be sent or not, it is determined by CooCo. The freight will be suffered by buyer. If it is occurred by our quality within the warranty period, CooCo will make the procedure of warranty according to above no.2. 

3.  What's the situation that the warranty excludes? 

a. This warranty is avoided and does not apply to products that fail as a result of neglect, mistake, misuse, alteration, improper installation or implementation operating at Customer side such as damaging during transportation, incorrect wiring, installation under improper and non-approved operating environments like temperature, humidity or voltage conditions, improper installation using components that are not approved or are not COOCO manufactured products, human failure broken etc.

b. Products lack of labels or other evidences to identify correct manufacturing date of the products.

c. Product operation temperature exceeds the range of -20 ~ 65 degree centigrade.

d. Force majeure and other act of god, such as natural disaster, strike, fire hazard, etc. 

4.  Insurance purchase.

To avoid the loss of damage because of transportation, we suggest and help customers to buy the insurance for each order. The beneficiary is buyer. If there is problem and damage because of transportation, customer can claim compensation from insurance company or shipping company directly, CooCo would like to assist customer to ask for compensation if customers need.

The problems and damage occurred by transportation is as below:

a. Original Package with well packing is broken because the package experienced violent impact during the shipment or the custom officers carry out spot check.

b. The shortage of number due to custom officers‘ spot check.

c. The goods are destroyed by the transport company, like it is destroyed by burning, etc

After-sale Service

Your kind ideas and suggestions about warranty and after sales service are highly appreciated. Please feel free to leave message or call us directly.

1. Lighting Technique Instruction

To solve your technical problems of lighting, there will be exclusive salesman and engineers following your case. To help you show the installation instruction to your clients, CooCo will offer you installation manual by video and paper. CooCo will also invite customers to our factory or lighting fair to have lessons of lighting installation instruction and lighting design for projects.

2. Project Continually Tracking

projects always require reliable quality to ensure long time operation. Our salesman will keep regular tracking monthly after our customers install the lighting and get feedback about the lighting condition from them. Continual tracking will help our clients to solve problem immediately. Our team will also go for field trip to learnthe real condition of project and market every year. Our engineering and marketing team will adjust lighting solution to make it better according to the research.