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One stop solution at your service

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Light is an integral part of architecture. The internal and external structure, building elements and materials of an architecture place great demands on light..Besides, the user's needs must be giventhorough consideration when we plan the artificial lighting because he/she needs to feel comfortable in his/her surroundings to experience and enjoy them. In addition, appropriate lighting design makes a significant contribution to our health.

With DIALux our engineer can plan, calculate and visualize light professionally to design the best solution for your project.

√ Higher light efficiency solution
√ More precision solution
√ Higher light efficiency solution
√ More cost effective solution
Whats Dialux EVO
Dialux is a software that you can adopt to design, calculate and visualize light freely and professionally for single rooms, whole floors, buildings and outdoor scenes. DIALux is used as a planning tool by over 600,000 lighting designers worldwide. DIALux is constantly developing and meets the requirements of modern lighting design and lighting calculation.You can plan and design using the electronic luminaire catalogues of the world's leading luminaire manufacturers. Superimpose on the CAD data of other architectural programmes and create your own lighting design. DIALux evo is an easy-to-use interface and process of lighting design that you can start with a floor or ground plan and create the basic geometry with a few simple clicks. Then you select suitable luminaires from the DIALux plugins. After you have placed luminaires and furniture in your plan, you start with the light calculation. You can save it as a pdf format or as a drawing to show it to your customer.
Professional lighting design with DIALux.
Professional lighting design with DIALux.

Whole buildings
Design a whole building with DIALux with several floors and rooms.
Light. Smart Buildings. Software.
Light. Smart Buildings. Software.

Use daylight together with artificial light for professional lighting design.
Better architecture through light.
Better architecture through light.

Top Team
Work with individual light scenes to adjust your lighting design to different scenarios.
Plan light professionally.
Plan light professionally.

Daylight control systems
With daylight control systems you can optimize daylight calculations.
Software for better architecture
Software for better architecture
Case shows
We are always fascinated by light. Good lighting not only means to reach standards, but also need to pay great attention to the users’ wishes and requirements -- this is what we do.Indoors and outdoors, from residential and office lighting to industrial lighting in public spaces -- the uses of light can be very versatile and we can help you to make perfect lighting plan to suit your needs. Contact us, we will plan for you and offer you our special service, professional advice and exclusive support.
Height of Room: 12.000 m, Mounting Height: 11.5000 m, Light loss factor: 0.80
Values in Lux, Scale 1:1209
Surface ρ[%] Eav[lx] Emin[lx] Emax[lx] u0
Workplane / 142 28 184 0.197
Floor 20 78 9.99 162 0.128
Ceiling 70 125 33 186 0.261
Walls(21) 50 129 22 858 /
0.850 m
64 x 64 Points
Boundary Zone:
0.000 m
Luminaire Parts List:
No. Pieces φ(Luminaire)[lm] φ(Lamps) [lm] P[W]
1 375 LED LINEAR CC-LL-5F-72W 9596 9503 71.3
Total:3634865 Total:3631563 26738
According to our engineers' Dailux design, it adapts solution of CC-LL-5F-72W with 130lm/w, 30 degree, 375pcs, dali dimming in the warehouse. The solution reaches 142lux with the minimum lights, effectively avoiding unnecessary lighting consumption and providing enough brightness for the workers and goods at high shelves.
Fluorescent Light
Normal LED Light E Line LED
Linear Trunking System
Power of Luminaire(Watt) 45 36 72
Number of Light(Pieces) 1347 962 375
Total Power Consumption(Watt) 60581 34617.76 26737.5
Total Lumens(Lm) 3634865 3634865 3634865
Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 60 105 134.59
Work Hours p.d.(Hours) 12 12 12
Kilowatt hours p.d(kWh) 726.97 415.47 320.85
Energy Saving Analysis

The linear trunking system saves energy with 72w and 130lm/w. Compared with T8 tube and highbay light, the system solves the problem of low wattage and low working efficiency; and with DALI dimming function,it improves lighting working efficiency greatly.

CooCo chooses new type dimming solution by Tridonic -ready 2mains. It integrates 0-10v with DALI dimming, no need to rewire again.

CooCo | Dialux Design
CooCo | Dialux Design